Important Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Each calendar year employees will be given 30 points to use as they see fit. On January 1st of each year, any of these 30 points that have not been used will expire, starting you off for the year with 30 points in total.

If you have purchased additional points at your own expense, these will not expire.

For example, Employee X used 25 points out of the 30 provided in 2018 and purchased 10 points on their own. On December 31st the remaining 5 points will expire, leaving them with only the 10 points they purchased. On January 1st, 30 points for 2019 will be added, leaving them with 40 points in total.

Tempo Plastics will no longer be facilitating torn or damaged clothing exchanges. Please ensure that you are taking proper measurements and reviewing the sizing charts on the website before placing your order. We will no longer be accepting returns. Once you order your item, you own it. Should you wish to try on some of our basic items, please contact your clothing administrator to see if there is a sample in stock.

As the majority of our items are custom embroidered we are not able to return them.

Hooded Shirts/Sweatshirts
As per our Health & Safety policy, hooded shirts/sweatshirts are not to be worn on the production floor.

V-Neck shirts
Although these items are not prohibited, please be self-aware of the fit of your clothing and the appropriateness in the work place. If your shirt is a V-neck or low in the neck line, ensure you have the proper attire underneath, specifically if your job requires you to bend over to fill or pickup materials.

It is encouraged that all Press Operators and Ink Technicians or those working in situations that clothing may get damaged or heavily soiled, to keep a spare shirt and/or pants in your personal locker for emergency backup. Tempo Plastics will not have emergency clothing in stock for these purposes.

Some items in the Tempo Clothing Program allow for the option of the full Tempo Plastics logo or the Team Tempo logo, as well you can opt for full colour or one solid colour. For requests of one solid colour, the colour chosen will be determined by the embroiderer, and will be in a contrasting colour. For example, if your shirt is light grey, the logo will be in a dark grey. If your shirt is black, the logo will be in a light grey.

Full Tempo Plastics Logo

Team Tempo Logo

Please be advised that all Press Operators and Ink Technicians are only able to order shirts that are grey in colour. As these employees work in a colour sensitive environment we ask that your shirt colours stay within the grey family (i.e. dark or light greys, heathers, charcoals, etc.)

If you still have questions or concerns, please contact one of your Team Tempo Clothing Program administrators.

Tammy Manuel
Ext. 243

Stacey Hunte
Ext. 257

For the first launch of the Team Tempo Clothing program, which took place on Tuesday, September 11th, orders will be collected and submitted to our supplier on Monday, September 24th. These orders will be processed in the same time frame as the previous clothing purchase program and you will be notified when they are ready.

Following this, orders will be submitted on an as needed basis (bi-weekly/monthly) depending on requirements.

Each employee of Tempo Plastics (current or new) will be allotted 30 points per calendar year to use at their discretion. If you wish to purchase Tempo branded clothing once your points have been used, please speak with your clothing administrator.