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Business As Usual?

Stronger together,

As October peaks its head around the corner the dreaded second wave seems to have begun. Businesses alike are taking on a variety of new policies and measures to combat this while also juggling employee morale.

While the Government offers guidance on how to implement these new rules, companies are left to their own devices for taking on the challenge of how to support those who work from home and how to keep up a team mentality when everyone is apart.

At Tempo we pride ourselves in the dedication our employees put in and their commitment to health and safety over the last year. Traditionally we throw monthly events to bring staff together. Since the start of COVID-19 this has been a challenge, but with challenges brings new opportunity. Over the last few months, using creative avenues to reach our team through take home kits, raffles and catered lunches, we have noticed that not only have we kept our commitment to the monthly appreciation but we have also seen more engagement. Our largest event, being our Holiday Gala, usually sees a 60-75% turn out rate while these giveaways reach 100%. Keeping in mind these giveaways include virtual event signups and other engagement activities.

We see more engagement from those that aren’t necessarily event frequenters. So why is this? Are some individuals too busy in their home life? How do we translate the increase in engagement from these COVID-19 safe events and bring it into 2021? Do we focus more on at work events and stay away from weekends?

Now more than ever employee appreciation is needed, whether that is through events and giveaways or through recognition.

Our solution, ask your employees.


Chase Rooney
Marketing Coordinator

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